Thousands of Worms and Crickets Die in Fire

A fire that broke out at Oma's Family Farm in Lakeside on Thursday, January 19, was an unusual one.

Firefighters who responded to the call shortly before 8 a.m. probably were not expecting what they discovered. The fire was sending large plumes of black smoke that could be seen from several miles away.

And among the buildings that were on fire included one in which thousands, and possibly hundreds of thousands of crickets and worms were killed. The farm raises the creatures for pet and feed stores in the San Diego area.

About $200-thousand dollars in damage was reported from the fire that also damaged or destroyed a chicken coop and two trailers which houses workers. One employee suffered smoke inhalation. There was no estimate on the value of the worms and crickets that were lost. The cause was being investigated but one report said it was a faulty heater.

(Photo OnSceneTV)

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