Mississippi Tornado Leaves At Least 23 Dead In 100-Mile Path Of Destruction

Mississippi Tornado

Photo: Mississippi Highway Patrol Greenwood

At least 23 people were killed and dozens more injured when a massive tornado touched down in Mississippi on Friday (March 24) night. The tornado carved a 100-mile path of destruction across the towns of Rolling Fork and Silver City. The tornado was so powerful that it tossed debris up to 30,000 feet in the air.

Rolling Fork Mayor Eldridge Walker told CNN that his "city is gone" after the tornado tore through the city.

"The City Hall is torn up; the police department is affected as well. (There's) quite a bit of damage, and public buildings are displaced at this moment," Walker said. "We're devastated."

Fred Miller, the former mayor of Rolling Fork, detailed the extent of the destruction to FOX Weather.

"The west part of Rolling Fork is a residential area, and just a number of houses over there have been completely destroyed," Miller said. "Highway 61, where most of our businesses are, all of the businesses on 61 have been completely destroyed. People are trapped in a couple of the eateries, and people are trying to get them out now."

Search and rescue operations continue across the region as first responders brace for more dangerous weather. The storms could produce up to four more inches of rain by Sunday and have the potential to spawn additional tornados.

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