The Best Lake In California

Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

Photo: Moment RF

The Golden State is home to many lakes, but there is one in particular known far and wide for being the best around! This lake offers an endless amount of beautiful views, camping spots, and water sports. Visitors are able to boat, camp, cruise, or simply enjoy a relaxing day floating in the water with friends.

According to Planetware, the best lake in all of California is Lake Tahoe. Following closely behind Lake Tahoe on a list of the best lakes in California is Shasta Lake, Big Bear Lake, Mono Lake, and Lake Havasu.

Here is what Planetware had to say about the best lake in all of California:

"The granite Sierra Nevada Mountains frame the dazzling blue water of Lake Tahoe, one of the most beautiful lakes in California and one of the most popular lakes in the United States. It's generally characterized by a north and south region, as it spans state borders between California and Nevada. Lake Tahoe is also home to one of the best state parks in California, and Emerald Bay State Park delivers a view that inspires repeat visits. And the Rubicon Trail, one of the best hikes around Lake Tahoe, connects Emerald Bay with the neighboring D.L. Bliss State Park, which also offers camping and lakeside attractions. Campgrounds, cabins, and luxurious resorts are close to the shores of North Lake Tahoe and Tahoe South, and the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail circles the entire lake basin."

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