Holiday Beach Crowds Expected Despite Tijuana Sewage Impacting South Bay

Big crowds are expected at San Diego beaches this Memorial Day holiday weekend and lifeguards are warning beachgoers to obey the laws. The beach in Coronado is expected to also see lots of people taking advantage of some sunshine.

But there are the familiar yellow and red signs posted along the Coronado beach that read: “Keep out of water.” Sewage spilling over the border from Mexico has for months has made the ocean water off limits from Imperial Beach to Coronado. City leaders in the two coastal cities had hoped that the flushed pollution through the Tijuana River into the South Bay because of all the rain during the winter months would’ve subsided by the unofficial start of tourist season. But the signs to keep out of the water remain.

San Diego Reminds Beachgoers of New Rules at City Beaches.

Alcohol is prohibited on San Diego city beaches and Mission Bay Park.. Alcohol is also prohibited in parking lots adjacent to beaches and beach parks. Posted signs provide rules regarding alcohol policies.

There also is now a ban on wood-burning fires outside of city-provided rings on beaches.  According to the city of San Diego’s website, there are dozens of beach fire rings available for public use. The majority of the rings, just fewer than 40, are on Fiesta Island. Under the new rules, you would either need to find one of those firepits to continue to have a wood-burning beach fire or you would need to get a propane-fueled fire pit.

A new ordinance governing sidewalk vending is now in effect in the coastal areas of San Diego. Under the ordinance, vendors must obtain a permit from the city and post it along with a photo ID, keep a 15-foot distance from other sidewalk vendors, not operate past sundown in parks and residential areas, and not use speakers or make other noise. During the summer, vending is prohibited in shoreline areas of Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and La Jolla, and at all times on beach boardwalks and other high-traffic sidewalks.

(Photos provided by Cliff Albert, KOGO News @ Coronado Beach)

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