Truck Overturns, Bags of Cement Fall on Car Killing a Passenger

A passenger in an SUV was killed Friday after bags of cement spilled off a large pickup truck that overturned on a freeway ramp and fell onto the vehicle below.

The CHP says the truck was on a ramp from the southbound 805 to the eastbound 52 at around 1 p.m. when it flipped on its side along the curve. When it overturned, a pallet of cement bags spilled out from the bed and over the wall of the ramp, falling down onto the lanes of the 52.

Officers say the bags fell onto a Mercedes SUV, killing a passenger, a woman in her early to mid 70's..The driver of the SUV, which had a large hole on the passenger side of its shattered windshield, was not injured. Trash bags cement bags and other materials could be seen piled up next to the bed of the overturned truck.

The CHP says drugs or alcohol are not believed to have been factors in the crash.

(Photo credit: Total Traffic)

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