WATCH: Sea Lions Seen Chasing Away Beachgoers Prompts Warning

A video has gone viral showing sea lions chasing away people on the beach at La Jolla Cove in San Diego.

Crowds have been common at the small beach where sea lions play and sleep along the rocky shore.

Last Sunday, a sea lion was caught on camera with the video appearing to show the mammals charging at people.

But SeaWorld Rescue curator Kim Peterson told reporting partner 10News, “The male that was coming out of the water was going after the male, the smaller male that was on the beach already, and it was justified over territory. The people just happened to be there. They weren't chasing the people.”

Peterson said federal guidelines recommend people stay 50 yards away from sea lions. She says they have received reports of fighting sea lions all the way from Camp Pendleton to the border.

She says they are in breeding season which means "they're fighting over territory and females and they are doing their best to take over those spots so there's going to be a lot of fighting.”

She warns people to keep their distance from the sea lions which can be unpredictable, saying they can bite.

(Photo reporting partner 10News)

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