WATCH: Storms Continue, Tornado Warnings Prompted School Precautions

The latest storm that arrived in San Diego County Monday has dumped large rainfall amounts across the county. More rain was expected Wednesday with scattered showers through the rest of the week. The storm has also affected San Diego International Airport. More than 175 flights out of the airport had been delayed by Monday evening, and about a third of inbound flights also had been delayed, according to FlightAware.

WATCH BELOW: Rare Tornado Warnings

The National Weather Service Tuesday issued two Tornado Warnings as a line of severe thunderstorms moved across the county between 11:30am and 12:15pm Tuesday. There were no confirmed tornado sightings but forecasters say the conditions were right for possible tornadoes.

River Flood Warning

The National Weather Service Tuesday issued a Flood Warning for the San Diego River including Fashion Valley where minor flood stage was expected by late morning. Drivers are urged to avoid the area and not to try to drive through any standing water in the area.

City and County Officials Advise Residents

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria announced Sunday that the city had issued evacuation warnings to several low-lying communities that already suffered flood damage in earlier storms including Southcrest, Mountain View, Encanto, Rolando and other southeastern and south San Diego neighborhoods. “This is a warning, not an order,” Gloria said. “This warning is designed to have residents in these communities make preparations now should it become necessary in the future” to evacuate. If an evacuation order is issued, first responders will go door-to-door, the mayor said.


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