East County San Diego Election Guide

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Carl DeMaio and Reform California have released their “Plain English” voter guide for East County San Diego to give you an easy-to-understand explanation of the ballot measures and grade candidates.

California’s General Election is underway and ballots must be returned by November 8, 2022. With a bunch of confusing ballot measures and hundreds of candidates running for office, voters can feel overwhelmed and lost.

This “Plain English” voter guide makes voting simple – especially when it comes to the ballot measures and local offices that do not allow candidates to disclose their party affiliation. Endorsements below are given only to candidates who “passed the test” on these crucial criteria: opposing taxes, fighting crime, improving schools, creating jobs, and defending personal freedoms.

2022 offers a real chance for a wave election to block costly tax hikes and elect common-sense leaders - but to do that we need your help in turning out your friends, family and neighbors to vote and share this easy-to-understand voter guide with them!

How to Use the Guide – 9 Sections:

  1. Review the “Priority East County Races”
  2. Review Statewide Ballot Measures
  3. Review Your Local Ballot Measures
  4. Review Statewide Candidate Races
  5. Review Legislative Candidate Races (Congress/State Legislature)
  6. Review Your County Candidate Races
  7. Review Your City Candidate Races (unless you live in unincorporated area)
  8. Review Your School District Candidate Races
  9. Review Your Remaining Special District Candidate Races

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Priority East County Races 

City of El Cajon

Measure P — VOTE NO 

Increase Sales Taxes by 0.5% 

Read more information

City of La Mesa

Mayor: Kristine Alessio

City Council: Laura Lothian and Tony Orlando

City Treasurer: Bill Exeter

Grossmont Union High School District Board

Gary Woods (Area 3), Robert Shield (Area 4), Jim Kelley (Area 5)

Get recommendations for all other East County ballot measures and candidate races below…

Statewide Ballot Measures 

Prop 1 — NO 

Official Title: Constitutional Right to Reproductive Freedom. Legislative Constitutional Amendment. 

Plain English Translation: Eliminates Any Restrictions on When Abortions Can Be Performed 

Prop 1 is being sold publicly as merely a codification of a pro-choice position in the California state constitution but it actually goes far further than that. The actual text of this ballot measure would repeal the current ban on abortions after 23 weeks of a pregnancy and allow the right to a late-term abortion up to the moment of birth. Prop 1 would give California one of the most extreme abortion laws in the country. This measure may also interfere with existing state laws that allow for Sexually Violent Predators to be placed under mandatory chemical treatment to limit their sex drive and desires. Reform California recommends a NO vote. 

Prop 26 — NO 

Official Title: Allows In-Person Roulette, Dice Games, Sports Wagering on Tribal Lands. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.  

Plain English Translation: Protects Tribal Gaming Rights, But Enriches Trial Lawyers Through More Frivolous Lawsuits  

Prop 26 affirms the current practice of allowing only federally-recognized Native American tribes to operate roulette, dice games, and sports wagering on tribal lands, subject to compacts negotiated by the Governor and ratified by the Legislature. It would also allow on-site sports wagering at privately operated horse-racing tracks in specified counties for ages 21 and up. Unfortunately, the measure contains a “poison pill” to expand the use of the Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) to allow unscrupulous trial attorneys to file frivolous lawsuits to shakedown small businesses. Reform California recommends a “NO” vote on Prop 26. 

Prop 27 — NO 

Official Title: Allows Online and Mobile Sports Wagering Outside Tribal Lands. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute. 

Plain English Translation: Allows Private Businesses to Engage in Online Gambling to Compete with Native American Tribes 

Prop 27 would expand gambling in California beyond casinos currently operated by Native American tribes by allowing private businesses to operate online and mobile sports wagering for persons 21 and up. Native American tribes say this competition from private businesses will undermine their ability to fund programs for their tribes. Reform California recommends a NO vote. 

Prop 28 — NO 

Official Title: Provides Additional Funding For Arts And Music Education In Public Schools. Initiative Statute. 

Plain English Translation: Earmarks Mandatory Funding from the Existing State Education Budget for Arts and Music Programs 

Prop 28 is an earmark - or a requirement that the state spend at least a certain amount of funds from the state budget for the exclusive benefit of art and music programs. The earmark mandates that 1% of required state funding be set aside for arts and music programs and then allocates a greater proportion of the funds to schools serving more economically disadvantaged students. Earmarks are not free money - so any earmark will have to come at the expense of other important programs — including programs for fundamental academic areas like reading, writing, arithmetic, etc. Reform California recommends a NO vote. 

Prop 29 — NO 

Official Title: Requires On-Site Licensed Medical Professional At Kidney Dialysis Clinics And Establishes Other State Requirements. Initiative Statute 

Plain English Translation: Imposes Costly Regulations on Kidney Dialysis Clinics to Benefit Organized Labor Unions 

Prop 29 may be familiar to voters since it has been rejected TWICE before in 2018 and 2020. Why does it keep appearing on the ballot? Wealthy labor unions force the measure on the ballot in an attempt to impose new costly regulations on kidney dialysis clinics that would benefit the interests of the unions. Prop 29 requires specific medical personnel on site during treatment at outpatient kidney dialysis clinics - whether or not the personnel are even needed. The measure also increases mandatory state reporting and prohibits clinics from closing or substantially reducing services without state approval. A "no” vote keeps your doctors and clinics more independent from state control. Reform California recommends a NO vote. 

Prop 30 — NO 

Official Title: Provides Funding for Programs to Reduce Air Pollution And Prevent Wildfires by Increasing Tax on Personal Income Over $2 Million. 

Plain English Translation: TAX INCREASE - Increases Income Taxes to Fund a Variety of New Government Programs 

Prop 30 is a massive income tax increase - even though California already has the highest income taxes in the country of any state. Prop 30 imposes a 1.75% tax increase for personal incomes over $2 million. Revenue for the proposition aims to go toward climate change measures, but the definition of programs eligible for these new funds is quite broad as to allow the funds to be used in a wide-range of ways. Reform California recommends a NO vote. 

Prop 31 — NO 

Official Title: Referendum on 2020 Law that Would Prohibit the Retail Sale of Certain Flavored Tobacco Products. 

Plain English Translation: Should California Ban the Sale of Flavored Tobacco? 

Prop 31 is a “referendum” or question on whether a proposed state law should be implemented or rejected. State Senate Bill, SB 793, which prohibits the retail sale of certain flavored tobacco products and tobacco flavor enhancers. A “yes” vote would uphold and pass the law into effect, banning the retail sale of these flavored tobacco products. A “no” vote would overturn the law and tobacco companies would be allowed to sell flavored tobacco products in the state. 

Statewide Candidate Races 

  • Governor - Brian Dahle 
  • Lt. Governor - Angela Underwood Jacobs
  • Attorney General - Nathan Hochman  
  • Treasurer - Jack Guerrero   
  • Controller - Lahnee Chen  
  • Secretary of State - Rob Bernosky 
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction - Lance Christensen 
  • State Insurance Commissioner - Robert Howell 
  • State Board of Equalization - You're Doomed

Justices of the California Supreme Court

  • Patricia Guerrero: NO
  • Joshua P. Groban: NO
  • Martin J. Jenkins: NO
  • Goodwin Liu: NO

Justices of the California Courts of Appeal

First District

  • Therese M. Stewart: NO
  • Alison M. Tucher: NO
  • Ioana Petrou: NO
  • Carin T. Fujisaki: NO
  • Victor A. Rodriguez: NO
  • Tracie L. Brown: NO
  • Jeremy M. Goldman: NO
  • Teri L. Jackson: NO
  • Gordon B. Burns: NO

Second District

  • Frances Rothschild: NO
  • Judith M. Ashmann: NO
  • Luis A. Lavin: NO
  • Audrey B. Collins: NO
  • Brian S. Currey: NO
  • Laurence D. Rubin: NO
  • Lamar W. Baker: NO
  • Hernaldo J. Baltodano: NO
  • John L. Segal: NO
  • Maria E. Stratton: NO
  • John Shepard Wiley Jr.: NO
  • Elizabeth Annette Grimes: YES

Third District

  • Harry Hull: YES
  • Laurie Earl: NO
  • Stacy Boulware Eurie: NO
  • Peter Krause: YES

Fourth District

  • Judith McConnell: NO
  • Martin N. Buchanan: NO
  • Truc T. Do: NO
  • Manuel A. Ramirez: YES
  • Carol D. Codrington: YES
  • Michael J. Raphael: NO
  • Frank Menetrez: NO
  • Kathleen E. O’Leary: NO
  • William W. Bedsworth: NO
  • Eileen C. Moore: NO
  • Joanne Motoike: NO
  • Maurice Sanchez: NO

Fifth District

  • Brad R. Hill: YES
  • Bert Levy: NO
  • Jennifer Detjen: NO

Sixth District

  • Mary J. Greenwood: NO
  • Charles E. Wilson II: NO
  • Cynthia C. Lie: NO

Legislative Races 

  • US Senate - Mark Meuser 
  • US Congress - District 48 - Darrell Issa  
  • US Congress - District 49 - Brian Maryott
  • US Congress - District 50 - Corey Gustafson 
  • US Congress - District 51 - Stan Caplan 
  • US Congress - District 52 - Tyler Geffeney  
  • State Senate – District 18 - Alejandro Galicia  
  • State Senate – District 32 - Kelly Seyarto 
  • State Senate – District 38 - Matt Gunderson 
  • State Senate – District 40 - Brian Jones 
  • State Assembly – District 74 - Laurie Davies 
  • State Assembly – District 75 - Marie Waldron 
  • State Assembly – District 76 - Kristie Bruce-Lane 
  • State Assembly – District 77 - Dan Downey 
  • State Assembly – District 78 - Eric Gonzales 
  • State Assembly – District 79 - Corbin Sabol 
  • State Assembly – District 80 - You're Doomed

County Candidate Races 

  • San Diego County Sheriff - John Hemmerling 
  • District Attorney - Summer Stephan 
  • Assessor/Recorder/Clerk - Jordan Marks 
  • Treasurer/Tax Collector - Dan McAllister  
  • Supervisor, 4th District - Amy Reichert  
  • Supervisor, 5th District - Jim Desmond 
  • Board of Education District 3 - Marvin J. Attiq  
  • Board of Education, District 5 - Emily Ortiz Wichmann 
  • Superior Court Judge – Office No. 35 - Mike Murphy 
  • Superior Court Judge – Office No. 36 - Peter Murray 

City Candidate Races 

City of Carlsbad 

  • Mayor - Keith Blackburn 
  • City Council 
    • District 1: Melanie Burkholder 
    • District 3: Ray Pearson 
  • City Treasurer - Craig Lindholm 


City of Chula Vista 

  • Mayor - John McCann 
  • City Attorney - Dan Smith 
  • City Council 
    • District 1: Marco Contreras 
    • District 2: Steve Stenberg 


City of Coronado 

  • City Council - John Duncan 


City of Del Mar 

  • City Council - Stephen Quirk 


City of El Cajon 

  • Mayor - Bill Wells
  • City Council - District 1: Gary Kendrick 


City of Encinitas 

  • Mayor - Cindy Cremona  
  • City Council 
    • District 3: Julie Thunder 
    • District 4: You’re Doomed 


City of Escondido 

  • Mayor - Dane White 
  • City Council 
    • District 1: Michael Johnson Palomares 
    • District 2: Joe Garcia 


City of Imperial Beach 

  • Mayor - Shirley Nakawatase 
  • City Council 
    • District 1: Carol Seabury 
    • District 3: Mitchell McKay 


City of La Mesa 

  • Mayor - Kristine Alessio 
  • City Council 
    • Laura Lothian  
    • Tony Orlando 
  • City Treasurer - William Exeter 


City of Lemon Grove 

City Council - Definitely NOT Jennifer Mendoza, Alysson Snow, or Jessica Heredia 


National City 

  • Mayor - NOT Jose Rodriguez or Alejandra Sotelo-Solis 
  • City Council 
    • District 1: You’re Doomed 
    • District 3: Marissa Acierto 


City of Oceanside 

  • City Council 
    • District 1: Kori Jensen 
    • District 2: Rick Robinson 


City of Poway 

  • Mayor - Steve Vaus 
  • City Council 
    • District 1: Brian Pepin 
    • District 3: Peter De Hoff 


City of San Diego 

  • City Council 
    • District 2: Linda Lukacs 
    • District 4: Definitely NOT Monica Montgomery  
    • District 6: You’re Doomed 
    • District 8: You’re Doomed 


City of San Marcos 

  • Mayor - Rebecca Jones 
  • City Council - District 2: Mike Sannella 


City of Solana Beach 

  • City Council 
    • District 2: You’re Doomed 
    • District 4: You’re Doomed 


City of Vista 

  • Mayor - John Franklin 
  • City Council 
    • District 1: You’re Doomed 
    • District 4: Armen Kurdian 

School Districts 

Alpine Union School District 

  • Glenn Dickie 
  • Al Guerra 
  • Eric Wray  


Bonsall Unified School District 

  • Trustee Area B: Michael Gaddis 
  • Trustee Area D: Roger Merchat   


Borrego Springs Unified School District 

  • Judy Coyle 


Cajon Valley Union School District 

  • Trustee Area 1: Anthony Carnevale  


Carlsbad Unified School District, Trustee Area 1 

  • Trustee Area 1: Sharon McKeeman 
  • Trustee Area 4: Gretchen Vurbeff 
  • Trustee Area 5: Scott Davison 


Chula Vista Elementary School District 

  • Seat 1: Jesse Vigil 
  • Seat 3: Delia Dominguez Cervantes 
  • Seat 5: Keren Dominguez 


Coronado Unified School District 

  • Regular Term: Scot Youngblood 
  • Short-Term: Gerri Machin 


Del Mar Union School District 

  • Scott Wooden  


Encinitas Union School District 

  • Andre Johnson 


Escondido Union High School District 

  • Trustee Area 1: Bob Weller  
  • Trustee Area 2: Joan Gardner 
  • Trustee Area 4: Zesty Harper 
  • Trustee Area 5: Jon Petersen 


Fallbrook Union Elementary School District 

  • Trustee Area 1: Diane Sebalj 
  • Trustee Area 4: NOT Susan Jackson Liebes 
  • Trustee Area 5: Mary McBride 


Fallbrook Union High 

  • Trustee Area 1: Courtney Hilborn 
  • Trustee Area 3: Paul Christensen 


Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College  

  • Trustee Area 1: Dawn Ivy 
  • Trustee Area 2: Megan D. Dunn  


Grossmont Union High School 

  • Trustee Area 3: Dr. Gary Woods 
  • Trustee Area 4: Robert Shield 
  • Trustee Area 5: Jim Kelly 


Lakeside Union School District 

  • Andrew Hayes 
  • Jim Bennett 
  • Ron Kasper 
  • Short Term: Autumn Ellenson 


La Mesa-Spring Valley School District 

  • Trustee Area 1: No endorsement 
  • Trustee Area 2: Myriam S. Moody 
  • Trustee Area 3: Kyle Hermann 


Mountain Empire Unified School District 

  • Trustee Area 1: Jeffrey Morrison 


National School District (3) 

  • You’re Doomed 


Oceanside Unified School District 

  • Trustee Area 1: Allyson Mineau 
  • Trustee Area 4: NOT Tigran Ghukasyan 


Palomar Community College 

  • Trustee Area 1: Frank Xu 
  • Trustee Area 4: Michelle Rains  
  • Trustee Area 5: Jacqueline Kaiser 


Poway Unified School District 

  • District B: Ginger Couvrette 
  • District C: Patrick Batten 
  • District D: Janet Bremseth 


Ramona Unified School District 

  • Trustee Area 1: Maya Phillips 
  • Trustee Area 5: Rodger Dohm 


Rancho Santa Fe School District 

  • Jee Manghani 
  • Kali Kim 


San Diego Unified School District 

  • Trustee Area B: You’re Doomed 
  • Trustee Area C: Becca Williams  


San Dieguito Union High School District 

  • Trustee Area 1: David Carattini 
  • Trustee Area 3: Sheila King 
  • Trustee Area 5: Phan Anderson 


San Marcos Unified School District 

  • Trustee Area C: Stephanie Carroll 
  • Trustee Area E: Sharyl Cavellier 


San Pasqual Union School District 

  • Trustee Area 1: Kami Goe 


Santee School District 

  • Seat 1: Barbara Ryan 
  • Seat 5: Either Ken Fox or Tracie Thill


San Ysidro School District (3) 

Strategic Voting: While you may vote for up to 3 candidates in this race, please do not vote for any other candidate or candidates, as you may inadvertently knock recommended candidates out of the race. We need to spike the votes for our reform-minded candidates and let left-wing voters split their votes for the other candidates. 

  • Zaccheri Brown (only candidate to vote for!) 


Solana Beach School District 

  • Trustee Area 1: Aubrey Huff 
  • Trustee Area 4: You’re Doomed 


South Bay Union School District 

  • Trustee Area 1: No endorsement 
  • Trustee Area 2: No endorsement 
  • Trustee Area 4: You are Doomed 


Southwestern Community College 

  • Trustee Area 1: No endorsement 
  • Trustee Area 4: No endorsement 
  • Trustee Area 5: Rosemarie Ballard 


Sweetwater Union High School District 

  • Trustee Area 3: Rebekkah Naputi 
  • Trustee Area 5: NOT Elva Lopez-Zepeda or Marquetta Brown 


Valley Center- Pauma Unified School District 

  • Trustee Area 3: NOT Wendy Heredia 


Vista Unified School District 

  • Trustee Area 2: NOT Rena Marrocco 
  • Trustee Area 3: Jennifer Telles 


Warner Unified School District 

  • Jeannean Rombal  

Special Districts 

Alpine Fire Protection District 

  • Baron "Barry" Willis 
  • Thomas Girard 
  • Chase Cromwell 


Canebrake County Water District - No endorsement  


Deer Springs Fire Protection District 

  • James Gordon 


Fallbrook Community Planning Group (7) 

  • Steve Brown 
  • Eileen Delaney 
  • Lisa Lynn Geffeney 
  • Kelly Hansen 
  • Kari Ann Hoyer 
  • Krystal Lee 
  • J.J. Neese 


Fallbrook Regional Health  

  • Zone 1: Sydney Lay 
  • Zone 3: William R. Leach 
  • Zone 5: Terry Brown 


Helix Water District 

  • Division 2: Jordan Lehr 


Jacumba Community Services District (3) 

Strategic Voting: While you may vote for up to 3 candidates in this race, please do not vote for any other candidate or candidates, as you may inadvertently knock recommended candidates out of the race. We need to spike the votes for our reform-minded candidates and let left-wing voters split their votes for the other candidates.  

  • John Hogue 
  • Debra Yu 


Lakeside Community Planning Group  

  • Oleksandra Reva   
  • Robert Rutledge  


Lakeside Fire Protection District 

  • Division 5: Robert Peterson 


Olivenhain Municipal Water District 

  • Division 1: Marco San Antonio 
  • Division 4: Matthew Hahn 


Otay Water District 

  • Division 3: Definitely not Gary Croucher 


Padre Dam Municipal Water 

Division 3: Bill Pommering 


Palomar Healthcare District  

  • Division 1: Robin Joy Maxson  
  • Division 3: Laurie Edwards-Tate  
  • Division 5: John Clark  
  • Division 7: Carol Ware 


Pauma Valley Community Services District (3) 

  • Richard Collins 
  • Jodie Michelle Lawston 
  • Beth Potalivo 


Rainbow Community Planning Group (5) 

Strategic Voting: While you may vote for up to 5 candidates in this race, please do not vote for any other candidate or candidates, as you may inadvertently knock recommended candidates out of the race. We need to spike the votes for our reform-minded candidates and let left-wing voters split their votes for the other candidates.  

  • Erin Maturo 
  • Guy Maturo 
  • Miguel Gasca 
  • Greg Irvine 


Rainbow Municipal Water District 

  • Division 3: Miguel Gasca  
  • Division 4: Definitely not Bill Stewart 


Ramona Community Planning Group  

  • Holly Hamilton-Bleakley  
  • Janelle Clark  


Ramona Municipal Water District 

  • Division 2: James Hickle 
  • Division 3: Jim Piva 
  • Division 4: Either candidate is acceptable 


Rincon Del Diablo Water 

  • Division 1: Greg Quist   
  • Division 3: James B. Murtland   
  • Division 4: No endorsement  


Spring Valley Community Planning Group (7) 

Strategic Voting: While you may vote for up to 7 candidates in this race, please do not vote for any other candidate or candidates, as you may inadvertently knock recommended candidates out of the race. We need to spike the votes for our reform-minded candidates and let left-wing voters split their votes for the other candidates.  

  • Robert Eble 
  • John Eugenio 
  • Lora Lowes 
  • Heaven Majesta Morgan 
  • Christopher Michael Pierce 
  • Lori Noe 


Tri-City Healthcare District 

  • Zone 6: Richard Truchinski 


Vallecitos Water District  

  • Division 2: Jim Hernandez  
  • Division 3: You’re Doomed  


Vista Irrigation District 

  • Division 3: Richard Alvarez  

Election Integrity: The "S.A.F.E." Way to Vote

NOTE: This Election Guide reflects the endorsements made by Carl DeMaio and Reform California and should not be taken as an official endorsement or position of iHeartMedia.  

Ads promoting this page are Paid For By Reform California. Advertisement was not authorized by a candidate or a committee controlled by a candidate. 

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