Lightning Strikes In Southern California Killing Woman and Her Two Dogs

Southern California is in the midst of an unusual weather pattern that's brought thunderstorms, lightning, wind, precipitation and humidity to the region. This type of weather is uncommon and many residents aren't accustomed to the dangers it presents.

Lightning from a thunderstorm has taken the life of a Pico Rivera woman and her two dogs who were walking along the San Gabriel River bike path on Wednesday morning. The strike was so severe that it left an indentation in the pavement.

UPDATE: The Pico Rivera woman has been identified as 52-year-old Antonia Mendoza Chavez. Her landlord released footage (shown below) of Chavez as she left on her walk with her two dogs before being struck by lightning.

The incident sparked closures of area beaches and other outdoor community programs in the area. There hasn't been a lightning caused fatality in Southern California since 2014.

The monsoon-like weather is expected to continue into Thursday, primarily in the mountains and deserts. Southern California residents are asked to be cautious when outdoors during these storms.

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