News Now Trending - Friday, February 4

Here are the top trending news stories in San Diego on Friday, February 4, 2022.


·Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Review: China Sets Off Propaganda Fireworks; NBC Awkwardly Balances Sports & Geopolitics

·Russia, China push back against US in pre-Olympics summit

·Ukraine, ROC athletes compete as tensions between countries at fever pitch

·Chinese security drags reporter away during live shot at Olympics

·Pelosi fears 'for the physical safety' of US Olympic athletes who speak out against China

Games Used To 'whitewash' Brutal Regime

·Why everyone's favorite greased-up athlete couldn't make these Olympics

·Should the U.S. be boycotting the Olympics?

·House passes American COMPETES Act to counter Chinese manufacturing


·What Covid? Jan Jobs Blowout! 

·'2021 was the greatest year of job creation under any president in history': Biden celebrates rare good jobs report that saw 467,000 added in January and beat expectations despite Omicron surge 

·She makes 120 cocktails an hour and tells bad jokes. Meet AI bartender

·Robot patrol dogs deployed on US border

·Boston Fed, MIT unveil model for electronic cash as policymakers mull whether to launch it


·LA County to loosen mask rules when COVID-19 numbers improve: report

·Don’t hold your breath for the end of mask insanity

·Paul promises investigation of Fauci if Republicans take Senate

·Study offers strongest proof yet of vitamin D's power to fight covid

·FLASHBACK: Trump directs experts to see whether they can bring 'light inside the body' to kill the coronavirus, even as his own expert shuts him down


·SHOWDOWN: Ottawa Fears Vax Protest Has Morphed Into Occupation

·Facebook removes 'Freedom Convoy' page of truckers against vax mandates

·Shaq Hammers Vaccine Mandates, Says People Shouldn’t Be ‘Forced’ To Get The Vaccine

·Surgeon General Vivek Murthy Says ‘Fully’ Vaccinating Kids Will Make Them Stay In School

·Jon Stewart Calls ‘Overreaction’ To Joe Rogan A ‘Mistake'

·'Freedom Of Speech Is Being Threatened': Tulsi Gabbard Defends Joe Rogan Against Critics' Attempts To 'Censor' Him


·Liberal outlets completely avoid study revealing ineffectiveness of COVID lockdowns

·MSNBC guest makes 'fearmongering' claim about COVID and kids

·New Boss Declares: Cnn Leader In News 'to The Left'

·POLL: Americans united in worry over political divisions, but not much else

·Anti-democratic extremists are set to take over this California county. Will more of the state be next?

·School District Cancels Classes After Nearly 1,500 Teachers Call In Sick To Protest Conservative School Board

·New York Officially Adopts New Congressional Lines That Could Axe Half The GOP Delegation


·California children robbed of iPhones on their way to school

·Suspect arrested in SoFi Stadium beating that left 49ers fan in a coma

·Teacher pays high price for hating on students' fundraiser for murdered cops

·'There's bodies everywhere': Las Vegas police release upsetting 911 calls after car crash killed nine including family of seven: Career criminal, 59, 'sped through red light at 100mph'

·Biden's sleepy and useless message on crime promises nothing we need

·Top cop blasted for 'Let's Go Brandon' sweater at holiday party: report

·Why Are Millionaires Moving to Little-Known AZ Suburb?


·ABC shredded for treating Roseanne and Whoopi situations VERY differently

·The Other Shoe To Drop In Former NFL Coach's Allegations May Lead To Biggest Sports Scandal Since Shoeless Joe

·'We might support her but it's unfair to swim against her because she'll smash records': SIXTEEN of UPenn trans swimmer Lia Thomas's teammates demand she is barred from NCAA Championships under new rules on testosterone levels

·Gas-powered leaf blowers face a moment of reckoning

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