News Now Trending - Monday, February 14

The top news stories trending in San Diego on Monday, February 14, 2022


·Los Angeles, you’ve got another champion. Make room for the Rams

·Rams Player Gets Caught On Video Pulling Off Amazing Move After Winning The Super Bowl

·NBC Botches Anthem Singers

·California city mixes up Russian fighter jet and USAF jet to promote Super Bowl flyover

·Snoop Dogg caught smoking weed right before Super Bowl halftime show

·Eminem Ode Of Kaepernick During Super Bowl

·No One Is Taking a Knee on Sunday

·NFL Releases Disgraceful Statement About Halftime Performer Kneeling

·CNN Panel Whines That Dr. Dre, Snoop Didn't Lecture Halftime Audience Enough

·Entire NFL seemingly thrilled to watch cornerback's Super Bowl fail

·Fans ordered to leave downtown LA; Celebrations turn chaotic


·HYPOCRISY UNMASKED: Dem state's COVID rule ignored by high-profile celebrities enjoying Super Bowl

·Super Bowl fans reject mask mandate despite being given one at stadium: 'Super-spreader bowl'

·Dan Crenshaw torches maskless celebrities at Super Bowl

·Maskless Super Bowl Marks Return to Normalcy

·CNN correspondent: Hard to get 'straight answers' from Democrats on mask mandates

·Unmask America's children – federal government should not be masking toddlers


·'They Want Their Freedom Back, Whatever That Means': CNN Correspondent Scoffs At Trucker Protest

·'It Simply Does Not Exist': Leo Terrell Blasts Critics Of The Freedom Convoy For Pulling 'The Race Card'

·'I'm All For It': Rand Paul Supports 'Freedom Convoy' Protests

·'Now You Do Sound Like Hitler': Bill Maher Slams Trudeau For Comments On The Unvaccinated

·Trudeau Weighs Invoking Emergencies Act to End Protests

·Video Appears To Show Canadian Police Visiting Home Of Woman Who Supported The Truckers On Facebook

·Hackers Attack GiveSendGo, Leak Freedom Convoy Donor Information


·UCSD political scientist who studies civil wars worries that U.S. is headed toward one

·What are taxpayers spending for those 'free' tests? Govt won't say

·Desperate Americans Going Abroad for Unproven Long COVID Cures


·Super Bowl 2022 shines light on LA's homeless crisis: 'There's no hiding this problem'

·Utah Good Samaritan lets homeless man shower in her apartment, he slits her throat

·Rubio, Manchin Introduce Bill To Block Feds From Supplying Crack Pipes

·San Diego to renew enforcing laws against homeless encampments


·13 officers wounded in just 24 hours as cops face increasing danger

·Joe Biden and Kamala Harris created this crime wave, now they must fix it

·Biden urges gun control efforts on Parkland school shooting anniversary

·Avocado Imports Paused Over Threat to Inspector


·Biden-Putin Call Yields 'No Fundamental Change' In Russia-Ukraine Situation

·Fears torture dungeons led by 'The Maniac' could follow invasion

·'That's Not How We Treat Americans': Morgan Ortagus Slams Biden's Handling Of Ukraine

·Energy markets are jittery as tensions between Russia and Ukraine drag on.

·$100 Oil Threatens to Compound Inflation Shock


·Media hit with brutal reality check after Durham's Clinton campaign bombshell on Russia, Trump

·Eyes turn to Hillary Clinton, not Trump in the Russiagate scandal

·Jim Jordan sounds off on Durham probe bombshell: 'They spied on a sitting president'


·Erin Jackson of U.S. makes history and wins speedskating gold

·American ice dancing duo win medal in final Olympics

·US and Canada set for another epic women's hockey showdown

·Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva cleared to compete in Olympics following ruling

·Athlete collapses at finish line in horrifying Olympics scene

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