News Now Trending - Monday, February 7, 2022

The top trending news stories in San Diego on Monday, February 7, 2022.


·SURVEY: 7 In 10 Americans Living Paycheck To Paycheck

·AOC: 'Capitalism not redeemable system for us'

·USA on road to 1950s-style unemployment, but it may only be pit stop

·Home Depot worker replaced $400K in cash with play money at store: feds


·USA in midst of longest gold medal drought in 24 YEARS

·All the Olympics Injuries of the 2022 Winter Games So Far

·US skier suffers serious injury during Olympics event

·US figure skater OUT after positive COVID test

·Putin Appears To Fall Asleep While Ukrainian Team Is Introduced At Olympics

·Quarantine Hell At Olympics

·Olympic stars are 'crying like crazy' in hellish Beijing quarantine with miserable food where 'hope is dead' as DOZENS miss out on their events after testing positive and being carted off to isolation

Beijing introduces the world to 'robo-noodles' to limit COVID spread during the Olympics


·National Archives had to seize Trump's White House records from Mar-a-Lago - including his 'love letters' from Kim Jong Un and the Oval Office note left by Obama - because he 'improperly' removed them when he left office 

·Trump White House staffers frequently put important documents into 'burn bags' and sent them to the Pentagon for incineration, report says

·‘He never stopped ripping things up’: Inside Trump’s relentless document destruction habits


·'Freedom Convoy' anti-vaccine mandate protests have sparked activism throughout the world

·Police make arrests, threaten charges for people bringing fuel to truckers protesting vax mandates

·CDC weighs increasing time between vaccine doses to lower risk of heart inflammation


·STUDY: Pantyhose and mask give better protection against covid

·Stacey Abrams uses Black History Month as excuse after caught in maskless photos

·CNN commentator defends Stacey Abrams’ maskless classroom visit: It’s a ‘non-issue’

·Katharine McPhee mocks Stacey Abrams for not wearing mask in photo with children who are

·‘The case for masks became hugely stronger’: scientists admit their Covid mistakes

·New Jersey will eliminate school mask mandate for children and staff

·Why are triple vaxxed Bidens still covered up outside?


·NYC parents pull kids from school over escalating violence among students: 'Very disturbing'

·Connecticut teacher arrested for pulling 12-year-old's hair: 'No justification'

·Horrific moment a female student punches another girl 30 TIMES while others watch and laugh at Las Vegas high school

·NYC schools launching vegan lunches on Fridays


·‘May soon be unable to provide civilian oversight’: Police commission asks for emergency appointments

·Border patrol 'working with cartels' to handle overwhelming migrant crossings: Former official


·Spotify won't be 'silencing' Joe Rogan amid controversy: CEO

·Andrew Yang Steps Up To Defend Joe Rogan From The Mob, Then Backs Down: 'I'm Made A Mistake'

·The Rock Backtracks Support

·Here Are All The Times The Biden Administration Has Called For Big Tech To Censor People

·Spotify’s Joe Rogan Apologizes For Use Of ‘N-Word’ In Clips Circulated By India Arie

·Singer India Arie: Take me off!


·Pelosi's private jet spending contradicts 'religious' commitment to climate fight

·Endangered monkeys serenaded with Marvin Gaye to 'Get It On' for Valentine's Day


·‘Something’s coming’: is America finally ready to take UFOs seriously?

·Material Stronger Than Steel, As Light As Plastic Developed By MIT Scientists

·FLASHBACK: Roswell crash - Pentagon admits 'testing' wreckage from UFO crashes

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