News Now Trending - Wednesday, February 16

Top news stories trending in San Diego on Wednesday, February 16, 2022.


·Biden gives Jan. 6 panel access to Trump's White House visitor logs

·Former Biden Campaign Staffer Tried To Blame Attempted Assassination On 'Right Wing Rhetoric,' But Suspect Is Left-Wing Activist

·Reporter Confronts Hillary Clinton On Whether She Spied On Trump's Campaign

·​​For high court nominees 'When's your birthday?' matters


·Cookie shortage: Supply chain issues leave San Diego Girl Scouts scrambling

·Oscar Mayer and Velveeta got price hikes. Kraft isn't done

·US avocado import ban from Mexico sparks fears of nationwide shortage

·San Diego lowers some cannabis taxes to encourage more local production

·Biden Administration Again Defies Court Ruling On Oil Leases

·2 reasons Americans just dove into credit card debt faster than they have in 22 years


·Biden Plans 'annual' Covid Shot?

·Man attacks APPLEBEE'S employee with cleaver over jab proof


·'We are done': Ontario premier admits the world needs to 'move forward' from COVID restrictions

·Major California Music Festivals Announce No Testing, Masks Or Vaccine Requirement For Attendees

·Levi Brand President Talks About Internal Blowback She Faced After Speaking Out About School Closures

·Some San Diego-area school board members band together against COVID mandates

·San Marcos teachers seek raises amid COVID, inflation while school district faces budget cuts

·Executives Quitting to Spend Time With Family


·L.A. County lifts outdoor mask mandate

·Fairfax Teachers Union President Reportedly Says High COVID Numbers Are ‘Good News’ Because Masks Will Be Required

·CDC planning to loosen mask guidance: report


·San Francisco recalls 3 school board members: 'a clear message'

·Texas School District ‘Equity Specialist’ Admits CRT ‘Lens’ Is Used, Calls For Dismantling ‘Systemic Racism’ At The ‘Student Level’

·School Boards Try A Victim Defense For Their Overreach

·After a Tennessee school board banned ‘Maus,’ a California comic book store is donating copies


·Truckers react to change in COVID-19 restrictions after weeks of protests

·Canada eyeing 'no-go' zones in Ottawa to quell 'Freedom Convoy' protests

·There’s a Reason Trump Loves the Truckers


·Facebook Blocks Republican Senate Candidate Jim Lamon’s Super Bowl Ad

·Twitter Suspends Comedy Account Best Known For Mocking Liberal Hypocrisy

·'Get ready!' Trump teases first post on new Twitter-like TRUTH Social site

·Bipartisan Bill Targets Big Tech Companies For Online Harms To Kids

·Priest used wrong word during baptisms. Church now says thousands invalid


·Unprecedented autopsy backlog has morgue operating in Baltimore parking garage

·Legally armed Americans are taking bold action as crime waves slam major cities

·GOP rep pushes for recall of liberal district attorney as crime soars

·New York City mom pistol-whipped, beaten in front of her children, police say

·Seattle mayor calls for more police with violent crime highest in 14 years: 'Status quo is unacceptable'


·As fentanyl deaths double, Harris ignores the drugs pouring over the southern border

·Migrants sew mouths shut in quest for passage to U.S. border

·Guac war! Mexican president mocks avocado blockade

·Pro-Immigration Biden State Department Fights Court Orders To Avoid Giving Some Visas That Mostly Help African Migrants

·Percentage of foreign students at UCSD slips again as school focuses on admitting more Californians


·Russian Olympic skater tests positive for MULTIPLE performance enhancers

·Ridiculous logo controversy ruined US snowboarder's Olympics

·Ice hockey 'is a game of inches': Slovakia win dramatic shootout to upset Team USA in quarterfinals

·For California’s Uyghur community, Winter Olympics are a slap in the face


·Tom lands chopper like a pro on 'MI8' set: He's 'taken our breath away'

·Bethenny Frankel advises Kanye West not to 'go rogue' amid divorce

·Saget's family sue to block death records release

·'Stranger Things' Star Gives Fans A Big Update On The New Season

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