News Now Trending - Wednesday, February 2

The top news stories on Wednesday, February 2nd in San Diego.


·Jeff Zucker Exits CNN After Relationship With Senior Executive

·Katie Couric Biography Blew The Lid Off Former CNN Boss Jeff Zucker & Allison Gollust Affair

·The View: Whoopi Goldberg Suspended for Two Weeks for Holocaust Remarks

·Whoopi 's 'View' co-hosts furious over suspension: report

·'The View' criticizes Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch instead of addressing Whoopi Goldberg suspension

·Celebs react to Whoopi Goldberg's Holocaust comments

·Drop the Goldberg name you co-opted, Whoopi – you don't deserve it

·Ex-CNN anchor arrested, accused of trying to leave DUI crash scene: reports

·Neil Young's offensive AIDS comments reemerge amid protest over Joe Rogan


·US COVID death toll nears pandemic peak

·Serious cases at all-time high in Israel -- even with 'vaccines'

·AOC says Facebook and other US firms have ‘sabotaged’ the global response to Covid by spreading ‘disinformation’

·Austria Starts Criminalizing Jab Holdouts in Divisive Gamble

·Coming soon: Climate lockdowns?

·3 In 5 Trust Punxsutawney Phil Over Meteorologists


·House Oversight Republicans Demand More Answers from HHS Over Grant to Wuhan Lab and Possible Fauci Cover-Up

·The restaurant business will never really recover from Covid

·NEW NORMAL: Surrounded by Doctors -- Not Family -- On Death Bed


·America lost 301,000 jobs in January

·California has an answer for worker abuse in the fast-food industry


·Brian Flores sues NFL, Giants, Dolphins, Broncos claiming racism in hiring process

·Belichick's mistaken congrats text at center of Flores' NFL discrimination lawsuit

·Washington’s NFL team unveils its new name: Commanders

·BLM warned by Calif. DOJ: 'Delinquent' organization 'not in good standing'

·Biden’s unpopular SCOTUS nonsense shows it’s time to end racial preferences


·Book banning in Texas schools: Titles pulled off library shelves in record numbers

·Legislation targets teachers for lessons on “divisive” subjects, student confidentiality

·California school officials could mandate searches of backpacks, lockers under shooting threat


·TikTok star Emira D’Spain is Victoria’s Secret's first black transgender model

·Lia Thomas' future murky as new transgender athlete policy released


·Starbucks warns more price hikes on the way thanks to inflation

·GM Signals Easing of Car Shortage


·Adele’s Vegas residency may be a goner as venue removes sets

·Jennifer Lopez insists she was NOT trying to re-create THAT Jenny From The Block move when Ben Affleck caressed her bikini bottom on a yacht last summer

·Gwyneth Paltrow takes a bite out of Goop's This Smells Like My Vagina candle in a humorous Super Bowl ad for Uber Eats

·'Stranger Things' Star Teases Major Season 4 News

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