News Trending Now - Thursday, February 17

Top news stories trending in San Diego on Thursday, February 17, 2022.


·Russia expels US diplomat from embassy in Moscow as threat against Ukraine rises

·Biden says 'reason to believe' Russia conducting false flag operation before invasion

·How Young Ukrainians Are Preparing For Possible Invasion

·Ukraine, Poland and UK sign cooperation agreement as Russian threat looms

·Russia-Ukraine Conflict Could Lead To 10% Inflation In US, Analysis Shows


·Is the economy really that bad? Why inflation has the middle class so on edge

·Number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits see unexpected rise

·‘This is nuts’: San Diego home price continues to climb as inventory plunges

·Joe Biden is a lousy president

·Ex-Georgia official wore fake baby bump in paid leave scheme


·73% immune to omicron

·The return of ‘revenge travel’: As omicron wanes, Americans eagerly book vacations

·The chaos from Omicron might be fading, but the turbulence ahead could be worse


·Fauci says future requirement for additional COVID-19 boosters being monitored

·Philadelphia Drops Vaccine Mandate, Leaves Mask Mandate

·California Has Officially Lost More Than Its Mind. It's Lost Its Soul


·Why California is hoping people keep wearing masks even as coronavirus cases fall

·Fashion World Debuts Jockstrap Face Masks And We Can't Say No Loud Enough

·Will California crack down on schools skipping mask mandates? They’re on their own, so far

·NJ 4th grade student takes her plea against mask mandates to Gov. Phil Murphy: 'I am only a kid once'

·Loudoun County Drops Mask Mandate, Clears Records Of Students Punished For Mask Defiance

·Man reportedly kicked off flight for wearing mask with 'Lets go Brandon' on it


·Ottawa protesters show no signs of relenting as cops prep to end 'illegal' demonstrations

·Canada's House of Commons erupts after Trudeau accuses Jewish MP of supporting swastikas

·Doxxed Freedom Convoy Donor Forced To Close Gelato Shop Over Threats


·Man Facing Charges For Allegedly Attempting To Murder Mayoral Candidate Released From Jail With Help Of BLM Bail Fund

·'Didn't have to die': 15-year-old shot 24 times while buying snacks

·San Fran DA drops charges against woman linked to burglary by rape-kit DNA


·A bill of rights for cats and dogs? California lawmakers are considering one

·Transgender swimmers Lia Thomas, Iszac Henig post fastest times at Ivy League Champs

·GALLUP: Record 7% now identify as LGBT


·Kamila Valieva misses podium after multiple falls in women's free skate

·'I feel like a joke': Shiffrin falls in final race of '22 Olympics

·Freestyle skier decks camera operator in halfpipe mishap


·Rush Limbaugh's wife reflects on his legacy one year after his death

·One year after Rush — River Radio says listeners 'seem happy' with Limbaugh's successors

·5 lessons from Limbaugh on handling the left we must never forget

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