Omarosa Answers Her Critics During Exclusive Interview

Controversial former The Apprentice star and White House aide Omarosa answers her critics during an exclusive KOGO News Maker interview, Thursday morning (8/23) at 7:10am on San Diego Morning News with Ted and LaDona.

Omarose Onee Manigault Newman (popularly known as Omarosa) gained fame when she was a participant on The Apprentice with Donald Trump in 2004.  Fast-forward to January 4, 2017 Omarosa was appointed by newly elected President Donald Trump to the position of Director of Communication for the Office of Public Liaison for the White House.  In this position, Omarosa was responsible for communicating and interacting with various interest groups.  After resigning from this position on December 13, 2017, Omarosa competed on the television show Celebrity Big Brother

Earlier this month, Omarosa released her tell-all book Unhinged, which details her critical account of the Trump administration and her tenure at the White House.  Over the past few days Omarosa has released videos of Michael Cohen during the Trump Presidential campaign and has said that she will be releasing more tapes.  She also says that Trump staff knew about the "hush money" being paid to Stormy Daniels from campaign funds.

Hear the entire interview below. 



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