San Diego Kids Receive Free Meals From Local 'Good Card' Program

Every day we feel the impact of the coronavirus crisis a little more. For children who rely on meals served at school as a primary source of nourishment, the impact of this crisis is even more painful. Along with school served meals, over 2,800 San Diego children receive Food 4 Kids backpack refills each week at school because they face hunger at home.

Luna Grill, which was founded in San Diego by Sean and Maria Pourteymour, has stepped up in a big way to make sure children get the nourishment they need. Luna Grill has teamed up with the San Diego Food Bank, iHeartRadio, and KUSI in launching The Good Card program.

"In many instances, the school lunch program is the primary source for a guaranteed hot meal for thousands of local children," said Rich Pinnella, Chief Brand Officer at Luna Grill. "In this time of anxiety, uncertainty and scarcity, our team wanted to “Do Good” and make the most of our resources. Food is love and we can provide food,” he added.

How it works:

For every $5 Luna Grill gift card increment purchased, a fresh, healthy meal will be donated to a child in need through the San Diego Food Bank.

Customers can log on to and purchase the e-gift card for themselves or send to a friend. For every increment of $5 purchased, Luna Grill will donate a fresh, healthy meal to a child in need through a partnership with the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank. "The program is a big win/win for San Diegans -- You keep the card, we feed the kids," said Pinnella.

All meals will be prepared and packaged in Luna Grill kitchens, adhering to the strictest hygiene guidelines, then delivered in sealed packaging for distribution through San Diego Food Bank operations/meal pick-up locations.

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Resources To Help San Diegans During The Coronavirus Outbreak

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