STOP the Car Tax in California

STOP the Car Tax

Politicians in the California State Legislature crammed through a massive hike to the Car and Gas Tax that will cost you big at the pump. Help repeal this unfair tax by voting against this measure!

Here's how these tax hikes will cost YOU!

Car Tax: Pay More, Get Less!

Depending on the value of your car, miles driven, and your MPG, the typical California family will end up paying $350-700 more per year under the Car Tax and Gas Tax hike!

What’s worse, the money is spent with virtually zero accountability for fixing roads! In fact, Californians already pay the highest gas tax in the country and yet we still have the worst roads. For every $1 in average costs for road repairs spent in the other 49 states in the US, California spends $4.7 dollars for the same repairs – resulting in wasteful spending of 470 percent more!

“Politicians have been caught stealing gas tax monies and recent audits show billions in waste that should be going to road repairs,” notes Carl DeMaio. “The Car Tax and Gas Tax hike contains zero reforms of wasteful spending, meaning we are throwing good money after bad,” DeMaio warns.

We need YOU to join our campaign today – help repeal the Car Tax!

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