Trending News - Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Here's your midday update on everything happening in San Diego, the nation and the world on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.


·Deliberations start after Rittenhouse pulls numbers and selects jury to determine verdict

·Final 12 jurors chosen in Rittenhouse trial

·Protesters call Rittenhouse trial 'a s--- show,' demand guilty verdict

·Here's what the jury in Kyle Rittenhouse's trial will have to weigh

·Rittenhouse survivor has long rap sheet — including bust for hitting grandma

·What Kyle Rittenhouse's tears reveal about America


·Biden To Mandate Booster?

·UK To Demand 3 Shots For Covid Passes!

·Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna making $1,000 profit every second

·Children sick after receiving wrong dose in CA


·Former Obama Cabinet member praises Austria's decision to lock down unvaccinated

·NY sanitation workers suspended amid probe into fake vax cards

·Covid Live News: Times Square New Year’s Eve Festivities to Let in Fully Vaccinated People

·Protesters display swastika, Star of David outside Jewish politician's office to oppose vax rules

·Kaiser faces huge hit in Northern California as 60,000+ workers plan strike Thursday, Friday

·Florida woman who sued for ivermectin dies


·School Board Member Linked To Once-Secret Dossier On Parents Removed From Leadership Position

·Mobile van offers COVID-19 vaccinations at San Diego Unified schools

·Texas Dad Delivers Fiery Speech: 'Justice Doesn't Need An Adjective'


·School board settles with teacher who won't use kids' preferred pronouns

·Suburban Seattle taxpayers on the hook amid city's 'defund' police push

·The Absurd Side of the Social Justice Industry

·New Book Reveals The Organization That Really Controls The Black Lives Matter Movement

·ACLU sues Sacramento sheriff over ‘illegal’ transfer of inmates to immigration authorities


·Surprise! Biden's Spending Bills Will Not 'Cost Zero Dollars'

·Inflation Spoils Holidays for Struggling Families

·Soaring California gas prices add to holiday sticker shock

·Govt dramatically underestimated job growth this summer

·Top Obama Economist Comes Out Swinging Against Biden Admin Over Inflation Surge

·Biden Blocks Oil, Gas Leases In Large New Mexico Region


·WH claims sagging poll numbers are from 'COVID fatigue'

·California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier becomes latest high-profile Democrat not running for reelection

·Wyoming GOP votes to no longer recognize Rep. Cheney as Republican

·Announcer Leaves VP Harris In A Very Awkward Position At Infrastructure Bill Signing Ceremony

·How Kamala Harris can save her vice presidency


·'The Simpsons' show runner dishes on how the iconic show will end

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