You May Be Owed Money By The County of San Diego

Over $450,000 is sitting in county coffers, just waiting to be claimed. The San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector's website allows you to search to see if you're among the almost 1,200 tax-payers who are owed a refund. There are multiple return types, including property tax and unclaimed monies.

The website says "The County of San Diego has $450,000 in refunds to reunite with its rightful owners. Search for your name on this list. If you find it, make note of the refund type and scroll down to find instructions on how to claim it." 

San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector said, "With many people out of work or cash-strapped, it's essential to return this money to the citizens of San Diego. The average refund is $378, and that can go a long way for those who need it." Funds not claimed by the October 25, 2020 deadline will be added to the county's general fund.

To see if you are owed a refund visit For more information, call 877-829-4732.

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