San Diego County Election Guide

Carl DeMaio and Reform California have released their “Plain English” voter guide to give you an easy-to-understand explanation of the ballot measures and grade candidates. 

California’s Primary Election is underway and ballots must be returned by June 7, 2022. With a bunch of confusing ballot measures and hundreds of candidates running for office, voters can feel overwhelmed and lost. 

This “Plain English” voter guide makes voting simple – especially when it comes to the ballot measures and local offices that do not allow candidates to disclose their party affiliation. Endorsements below are given only to candidates who “passed the test” on these crucial criteria: opposing taxes, fighting crime, improving schools, creating jobs, and defending personal freedoms.

2022 offers a real chance for a wave election to block costly tax hikes and elect common-sense leaders - but to do that we need your help in turning out your friends, family and neighbors to vote and share this easy-to-understand voter guide with them!

You are also invited to attend one of the free “Barbeque, Beer, and Ballots” events scheduled in multiple locations around San Diego County where you can hear Carl DeMaio will walk through the voter guide and answer your questions, meet the leading candidates running for office, and learn how you can become more active in local politics! Learn more and RSVP at the “Barbeque, Beer, & Ballots” button at the end of this guide below.

Statewide Candidate Races 

  • Governor - Brian Dahle 
  • Lt. Governor - Angela Underwood Jacobs
  • Attorney General - Nathan Hochman  
  • Treasurer - Andrew Do  
  • Controller - Lahnee Chen  
  • Secretary of State - Rob Bernosky 
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction - Lance Christensen 
  • State Insurance Commissioner - Greg Conlon 
  • State Board of Equalization - Denis Bilodeau 

US Senate and US House 

  •  US Senate - Mark Meuser 
  • US Congress - District 48 - Darrell Issa  
  • US Congress - District 49 - Anyone but Mike Levin 
  • US Congress - District 50 - Corey Gustafson 
  • US Congress - District 51 - Stan Caplan 
  • US Congress - District 52 - Tyler Geffeney  

State Legislature 

  • State Senate – District 18 - Alejandro Galicia  
  • State Senate – District 32 - Kelly Seyarto 
  • State Senate – District 38 - Matt Gunderson 
  • State Senate – District 40 - Brian Jones 
  • State Assembly – District 74 - Laurie Davies 
  • State Assembly – District 75 - Marie Waldron 
  • State Assembly – District 76 - Kristie Bruce-Lane 
  • State Assembly – District 77 - Dan Downey 
  • State Assembly – District 78 - Eric Gonzales 
  • State Assembly – District 79 - Corbin Sabol 
  • State Assembly – District 80 - John Vogel Garcia 

Superior Court Candidate Races 

  • Superior Court Judge – Office No. 35 - Mike Murphy 
  • Superior Court Judge – Office No. 36 - Peter Murray 

County Candidate Races 

  • County of San Diego – Board of Supervisors District 4 - Amy Reichert 
  • County Board of Education – District 3 - Marvin Attiq 
  • County Sheriff - Definitely NOT Dave Myers 

School Districts 

  • Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District – Trustee Area 1 - Dawn Ivy 
  • Grossmont Cuyamaca Community College District – Trustee Area 2 - Megan Dunn 
  • San Diego Unified School District – Area B - Jose Velazquez 
  • San Diego Unified School District – Area C - Becca Williams 

City of Chula Vista 

  • Mayor - John McCann 
  • City Attorney - Dan Smith 
  • City Council District 1 - Marco Contreras 
  • City Council District 2 - Steve Stenberg 

City of San Diego 

  • City Council District 2 - Linda Lukacs 
  • City Council District 4 - Definitely NOT Monica Montgomery or Tylisa Suseberry. 
  • City Council District 6 - Jane Glasson 
  • City Council District 8 - Neither candidate is acceptable 

Ballot Measures 

City of Carlsbad 

Measure C  Appointive City Clerk                NO 

Carlsbad currently has a City Clerk elected by you – the voters. This ballot measure would allow the City Council to appoint the City Clerk. City officials say it would “save money” but that claim is dubious. The City Clerk is an important position that is involved in election integrity and campaign finance oversight. City politicians could easily put pressure on staff that are easily replaced – whereas the voters can always hold an elected Clerk accountable at the ballot box.   

All other local ballot measures have been moved to the November runoff election. 

Election Integrity: The "S.A.F.E." Way to Vote

Printable PDF of San Diego Voter Guide

NOTE: This Election Guide reflects the endorsements made by Carl DeMaio and Reform California and should not be taken as an official endorsement or position of iHeartMedia.  

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