A Few Suggested Resolutions for 2019

A lot of people have made or are making New Year’s resolutions for this New Year. But some of the people who should make a resolution as 20-19 begins, don’t make them.

So in case they’re trying to decide here are some suggestions:

San Diego Mayor Faulconer needs to resolve to find a way to get some Democrats on the council to vote for a special election to expand the convention center, fix more roads and help the homeless problem.

Incoming California Governor Gavin Newsom should resolve to do something about the problems that are forcing people to leave the state such as housing prices, lots of taxes and public schools that are ranked in the bottom half among all the states.

The twice outgoing governor Jerry Brown needs to enjoy his retirement.

Our elected officials in Washington at the White House and in Congress could resolve to stop all the name calling and focus on finding common ground.  

The Chargers should resolve to finally accept the fact L-A doesn’t want them and move back to San Diego.

And the Padres should resolve to make their team as good as their ballpark.

As for all the rest of us…we should each make a resolution to do something that helps San Diego be a better place, such as giving some of our money or time to a local charity or just resolving to treat others better this year.  

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