Drawing Straws in the Debate Over Styrofoam

From doggie bags to Styrofoam containers to now biodegradable paper products.

Things have changed when it comes to packaging food to take home or take out.

With the San Diego City Council having approved along party lines to ban most stuff made out of Styrofoam, they join other cities locally elsewhere that have done it.

A lot of restaurants and small businesses have already made the switch and most others will have to after a possible grace period for some.  Environmentalist groups have been promoting it for years.

And as we get used to no more Styrofoam for our take home sandwiches and left over entrees, we also now have to get used to paper instead of plastic when it comes to straws with that new state law banning sit-down restaurants from using them unless a customer specifically asks for one.

But penalties for these new laws are not that harsh and enforcing them may be hard because most cities are not going to spend a lot of money hiring a lot of Styrofoam and straw police.

The new straw law is only a week or so old, but so far many restaurant customers say they don’t notice any change yet.

But don’t be surprised if we start seeing some customers start bringing their own take out containers and plastic straws just as many now bring their own bags when they go to the grocery store.

(Photo credit reporting partner 10News)

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