WATCH TRAILER: New Documentary Film "Stuck in Tijuana"

A new film documentary is shedding some new light on the controversy over the thousands of Central American migrants who have travelled to the U.S Mexico border ovee the last year to seek asylum.

The film is entitled, "Stuck in Tijuana" and in it, migrants and migrant families are interviewed and tell their stories. The filmmaker is Charlie Minn, who has done some two dozen documentaries, including one about the 1984 mass shooting at a McDonald's restaurant in San Ysidro, called "77 Minutes."

In a KOGO news interview with Minn, he said he wanted to put a face on the individuals and families and talk to them about why they left their home country to make the long trip to the U.S Mexico border and why they want to seek asylum.

Minn said many of them didn’t know how difficult it would be to not only make the trip but how hard it would be to be granted asylum.He says many of them are victims of corrupt governments, gangs and lies.

And when I asked him what the migrants he talked to most talk about and what is most on their minds, Charlie Minn said one word: God. They said they were trusting in God to help them.

No matter where we stand on the emotional and divisive issue of immigration, and right and wrong, maybe that’s where the answer lies for many of us.

KOGO's Cliff Albert talked to Charlie Minn from his home in New York about his new film. (Listen below)

"Stuck in Tijuana" is being shown for at least one week in San Diego starting Friday. March 22, at Theater Box on 5th Avenue downtown. Tickets are half price at the box office.

WATCH Trailer below:

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