WATCH: Why Not to Get Mad About March Madness at Work

Are you ready for the annual March Madness where you work?

The post season college basketball tournaments are getting underway this week and that means that a lot of people will be filling out their brackets with their picks and it means a lot of people are likely to be at least a bit distracted at work as they check the scores and watch the games on TV or on line on their phones.

Will it affect productivity on the job?It depends. And while employers may worry that it will hurt productivity, there is some evidence that it may actually help productivity.

At least that’s what a study found that was conducted a year ago during the 2018 March Madness. The study was done by national staffing service company called Office Team and apparently it found that 53 percent of employees say they celebrate the event with co-workers; 39 percent say the tournament is good for a healthy mix of work and play; and 27 percent said following the March Madness fosters working as a team.

Who would have known?Who would have thought that spending some of your work time paying attention to the college basketball tournaments could help you work better as a team and a company?

Maybe not all offices and workplaces will see better productivity and better team morale, but assuming that the March Madness madness is automatically a negative distraction on the job is not a slam dunk.

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