The Answer to Mass Shootings May Lie in a Question

Now more than a week after the tragedies in El Paso Texas and Dayton Ohio, the answers to ending these shootings are being offered by many of the politicians and many experts.

And the answers are being offered at a time when many Americans are pleading with leaders to do something.

Some say do something about the guns.Others say do something about the mentally ill. Others say do something about the violent video games and social media.Others say do something about white supremacy and racism.And others say do something about the laws that we now use to fight foreign terrorists to make it easier to fight domestic terrorists.

These are the answers we keep hearing to the questions about what we should do to prevent these mass shootings.

One answer you don’t hear talked about as much is doing something about the evil in the hearts of people who do these things. And that’s probably because there is no answer to eliminating evil, something that has been around since the beginning.

But maybe there is an answer that can at least reduce evil, an answer that involves asking questions about why there seems to be so much more meanness and disrespect and anger among people.

It’s been said that evil people aren’t made, they grow into it. Maybe the real answer to all this can be found by asking a moral question.

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