Why Veterans Day in San Diego is Different

Sometimes the best way to appreciate a day like today, Veterans Day, is to check out what so many schools do to explain the meaning of the day.

Having watched a Veterans Day commemoration at a junior high school last Friday, with patriotic songs played by young musicians in the school band and students holding up insignias of the branches of the U.S. military, those kids were taking part in something that we all need to take part in today.

Thanking those who have and do serve and reflecting on the sacrifices made by the men and women who have.

And recognizing in our own minds the special nature of the people in our all-volunteer military of today who choose to serve their country and are willing to risk their lives at times by doing so.

And here in San Diego…that no other city can quite match for the number of active duty and retired military… we are blessed by living in a place where we see these heroes every day.

Driving in and out of the city and up and down the coast, we see them training and preparing at MCRD, on Coronado and North Island, at MCAS Miramar and at Camp Pendleton.

For many of us, they are members of our family, or our friends and neighbors or the people with whom we work.

And Veterans Day is a reminder that they deserve our thanks and admiration not just on this one day every year… but every day.


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