How to Not Invite the Flu to Your Holiday Gatherings

The first signs of it were first reported a couple of months ago, with word from county health officials that the flu season was starting early.

And they were right. While they’re not expecting this flu season to be as bad as it was a couple of years ago, they still want you to know what you need to know.

On Friday, the National Centers for Disease Control reported widespread or high numbers of flu in more than half a dozen states, including California. Last year at this time, no states were reporting widespread flu cases.

And of course with Thanksgiving this week with lots of families and friends getting together, the number of cases could very well rise if the unwelcome flu virus decides to attend some of those gatherings.

So, health officials are getting out the word again, recommending that anyone older than six months should get the flu vaccine.

And HR people are probably going to be seeing more employees using sick days. And they advise you to stay home if you have the flu because if you don’t, it means more people could get the flu and more people will be out sick.

And medical experts are again reminding everyone to take those simple but effective precautions about washing your hands and avoiding contact.

In other words, common sense is a good gift to give yourself for this holiday season AND flu season.

(Photo credit San Diego County Newscenter)

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