The Long Journey of Perseverance on Earth in Texas

Did you watch It? The landing of NASA’s rover on the surface of Mars. A lot of people did. And a lot of people didn’t.

Landing an unmanned craft on Mars has happened before, a few times, but this one is said to be the most technologically advanced rover that NASA has sent to Mars. Its name is Perseverance. Its mission is to look for signs of what scientists call microbial life inside a crater that they believe was once flooded with water.

Flooded with water and Perseverance. Together they describe what the people who were not watching it land have been facing because of something that landed where they live this week.

The worst winter storms and deep freeze to hit the state of Texas in modern times. And all the many people in Texas now who are dealing with floods of water in their homes because of frozen broken pipes. And for more than a week now, the perseverance to get through it.

And like the rover’s long trip to Mars, the people in Texas may have a long journey ahead to recover from the winter storms of 2021.

Not only repairing the damage and mourning the loss of those who died from the effects of the record-setting sub-freezing weather but in a state known for and proud of being the home of the energy industry, repairing a power grid that failed when most needed.

Because they are Texans, they will tell you they will persevere. But going through what they’ve been going through has already helped them discover something about life on our planet.

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