The Special Homecoming of the U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt

It happens a lot in San Diego and but whenever it does, it reminds us of one of the unique things about San Diego, among others.

The homecoming for a San Diego based Navy ship. It happened this week as the huge aircraft carrier, the U.S. S. Theodore Roosevelt and the 4,500 sailors on board sailed into the Bay after a six-month long deployment that had followed another deployment of several months.

Not only did the Roosevelt have to deal with a big outbreak of the coronavirus on board but also the controversial firing of their captain after he asked Navy brass for help in dealing with the outbreak. Crew members showing their support for their commanding officer as he left the ship.

Serving on board a Navy warship for months and months at a time, the hard work, the responsibility, the pressure and the tension is hard enough on a routine deployment.

But after what the crew members of the Roosevelt have had to go through, being welcomed home into the arms of their loved ones for the first time in a long time, makes it an even better homecoming than usual.

And it’s a reminder to all of us who live here to always remember the many thousands of sailors and Marines who year after year, serve and protect us and our country. And why every ship’s homecoming should be a special event for all of us in San Diego.

(Photo Getty Images; USS Roosevelt in San Diego Bay)

Cliff Notes on the News 5-26-21
U.S.S. Theodore Roosevelt in San Diego Bay