Will New Guidance on Masks Raise Tensions?

Tired of having to wear a face mask? After 15 months since the COVID stay at home order and after a year of California’s color-coded restrictions, pretty much everyone is tired of wearing masks.

And that’s why next Tuesday, June 15th, is such a big day and a big deal. The yellow, orange, red and purple tiers go away and restaurants and other businesses can operate at full capacity and Petco Park will now be packed with Padres fans.

And now with it looking like the state’s CAL-OSHA board will follow the CDC guidelines on masks as of June 15th which say it’s okay for fully vaccinated people not to wear masks, except in just a few circumstances, such as doctors’ offices and hospitals, face masks will not get much use by most people.

But with California’s Department of Public Health leaving the decision about masks up to business owners, there are still going to be some questions and tensions about masks. The state’s guidelines say a business has the options of asking workers if they are vaccinated or requiring proof of vaccinations or just making everyone wear masks.

With unvaccinated people still not supposed to go without a mask, will people tell the truth if they are asked if they are vaccinated? And will people balk if a business requires proof of being vaccinated?

These problems will probably solve themselves as more and more people become vaccinated. And that is the key, getting enough people fully vaccinated so we don’t have to worry about what has been a worry for all of us.

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