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The People Who Change the World in San Diego

It’s another sign that things are returning to normal in San Diego after three years of the pandemic.

In January of 2020, COVID-19 first emerged as something that would change the world and affect virtually everyone on the globe.

And in that same month, three years ago, an event in San Diego that each year marked how things have changed in our entire country was held for the last time since then.

Oh there were virtual, as in on-line, forms of the event held the last two years, but this year, the event is back in-person as it was for 36 years until the pandemic.

The event is the annual YMCA Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Human Dignity Awards breakfast. Each year it has served as the official kickoff to the activities in San Diego for the holiday that honors and remembers the civil rights leader and the impact he had.

Having attended this breakfast myself for many years in San Diego, along with others here at KOGO, it has always been a moving and meaningful experience…as individuals are honored who reflect Dr. King’s principles and ideals.

And the event brings together each year people across the city of all races, nationalities and backgrounds, young and old.

Those who are honored each year are among those people who help to change lives…and do it the same way Dr. King did, with a heart and desire to make it a better world, right here in San Diego.

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Photo: Getty Images

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