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A New "Goal" for San Diego's Future as Sports City?

The news about San Diego finally getting a Major League Soccer team has been long hoped for and has taken a long time to become a reality.

Some over the last several years thought it would never happen. Even with San Diego already being a place where there are a lot of soccer fans and soccer lovers on this side of the border and in Mexico.

But now with San Diego going to have an MLS team playing at the new 35-thousand seat Snapdragon Stadium, before likely big crowds, it raises the reputation of San Diego’s status as a sports town.

With us having lost an NFL team we won’t name just a few years ago…and two NBA teams a few decades ago,  and not ever having a National Hockey League team, our city isn’t known for being a major league sports town.

That’s despite the Padres who are now seen as one of the best MLB teams around, despite their current slump, and playing in Petco Park which has been named as the best baseball park in the country.

But with an MLS soccer team coming to San Diego now, it raises new hope that maybe, we can find ways to get other major league sports back to San Diego. The doubters will say that will never happen.

But maybe the words of the MLS commissioner at the announcement this week are worth keeping in mind, “Today, all of that hope and all of the dreams really come to fruition.”

(Photo reporting partner 10News)

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