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Hoping for Something Less From San Diego's New Storm

We’re about to find out if the city is ready for this new storm that is expected to dump a lot of rain on us, maybe not as much as on January 22nd, but even if it doesn’t, what we get from this round of rain, that’s expected to be followed more rain early next week, will fall on ground that is saturated.

City and county crews have been working since that historic Monday to clear storm channels and culverts of the tons of debris left from the damaging floods that hit multiple communities in southern central parts of San Diego.

Fire departments and river rescue personnel are staffed up and ready. Even National Guard troops, who already were scheduled for training this week in San Diego, are here early and ready.

The residents whose homes were heavily damaged have been warned by the city to be prepared and have been told to be ready to evacuate if the order goes out.

Of course, many of those people are already staying somewhere else because their homes are uninhabitable.

Homes that weren’t damaged but where the flood waters came close have sandbags piled in front of doors and so do many shops and businesses if the rainwater turns into flood water.

The importance of being prepared has always been something we’ve known about for a long time from all the wildfires we’ve had.

But we are all hoping that this storm will be less than the forecasts are saying. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to have another “Hilary,” the tropical storm last summer that wasn’t what they thought it would be.

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