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What Makes the "Big Game" Such a Big Deal

It’s the big weekend of the big game. The monster of sporting and cultural events in America, the Super Bowl.

At least 100 million people will be watching at least some or all of the game, and many watching all or some of the commercials that cost advertisers on average $7 million dollars for a 30-second spot. 

Besides the game action and the commercials, some Super Bowl watchers will also be watching the pregame show, the halftime show and the post-game show.

And then there are the many millions of “swifties” who will be watching Taylor Swift in one of the luxury boxes cheering on her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce.

While the super star singer will be in the spotlight during the Super Bowl, some conspiracy-natured fans are sure to be muttering about the crazy conspiracy theories revolving around Taylor Swift during this a crazy presidential election year.

Yes, the Super Bowl is a uniquely American spectacle, yet recounts and records its history using Roman numerals.

Gladiators of today, running, smashing and crushing into each other in massive stadiums filled with thousands of people who have paid thousands of dollars for tickets roar, yell and scream at the muscular football contestants below.

Maybe Taylor Swift will write a song about all of this someday. But then maybe not.

(Photo Getty Images)

Photo: Getty Images

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