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Cliff Notes on the News

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Why San Diego is Making Lots of National News

San Diego is getting a lot of attention in recent days from the national news media.

Much of the national news San Diego is making is because our city is in California and near the border.

This week alone there were stories about the hundreds of migrants seeking asylum crossing into Mexico in the East County through holes in the fences and walls to gather at an unofficial camp in Jacumba from where Border Patrol agents process them and drop them off in San Diego.

There also have been stories this week about the 805th day now that Imperial Beach beaches have been closed over the last few years due to the billions of gallons of raw sewage flowing from the Tijuana River into the ocean waters.

And then of course San Diego has been a focus of many national news outlets in recent weeks on the historic flooding late January that damaged hundreds of homes. And now the aftermath with President Biden declaring disaster aid for the many residents who face challenges of where to live and how to recover.

Fortunately San Diego is not as much in the national news reports about the latest atmospheric river to hit California, with our city spared from the worst of this latest storm that hit L-A and Ventura counties a lot harder than what we’ve had to deal with this week.

And that’s some good news we can use for a lot of reasons.

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JACUMBA HOT SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 01: Asylum seeking migrants stand at a makeshift camp along the U.S.-Mexico border as they await processing by the U.S. Border Patrol on December 1, 2023 in Jacumba Hot Springs, California. Photo: Getty Images

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