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Giant Pandas Expected to Return to the San Diego Zoo

Today’s news about Giant Pandas returning to the San Diego Zoo is big news of course.

Even Ron Burgundy, the fictional but based on fact San Diego Anchorman with the giant ego in the famous film that put a spotlight on San Diego would think so. But the news about the potential return of Giant Pandas from China to our zoo is even bigger than a news story.

Our zoo is not called the “World Famous San Diego Zoo” for no reason. It is. It does indeed have a worldwide reputation as the best. Millions of visitors who come to San Diego make it their first stop. And for us who live here, it is a treasure for kids and adults, every kind of family and lots of schools.

And this news about the Giant Pandas, reminds us even more about how fortunate we are to be the home of this famous zoo. A zoo by the way that is about way more than just a place to go see live animals of all kinds.

As the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance describes themselves, they are a nonprofit conservation leader, that inspires passion for nature and collaboration for a healthier world with more than 44 endangered species having been reintroduced to native habitats.

And that’s what makes it the world famous zoo that it is.

(Photo Getty Images)

SAN DIEGO, CA - AUGUST 19: In this handout image from the Zoological Society of San Diego, A giant panda cub Mei Sheng celebrates his second birthday by diving right into his birthday cake on August 19, 2005.Photo: Getty Images

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