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The Future for San Diego Flood Victims

You may have heard the report this morning, that time is running out for families whose homes were heavily damaged or destroyed in the January 22nd floods to apply for the county’s emergency temporary lodging.

Many families have already been given places to live, at least 400 or so.  With the deadline being tonight more families will likely apply.

Some of the flooded out families have been able to move in with relatives or friends.

But no matter where these families are living now, their lives have been uprooted. And will remain so for some time yet.

Federal grants and loans are available, but repairing or rebuilding homes will take a while and costs could be high.

While these families go through what they’re going through, many are angry and say what happened should not have happened if the city had done a better job of keeping flood channels and storm drains in their neighborhoods properly maintained.

There is also a lot of finger pointing going on as to what could or should have been done and now worries the city won’t have enough money to improve all the infrastructure that needs improving.

With just one month gone by since that historic storm and devastating flooding and all the damage that was caused, many families are still fearful of the future. But if local, state and federal governments do what they are supposed to do, it will be a brighter one.

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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 23: A person works to help tow away a vehicle dislodged by flooding the day after an explosive rainstorm caused flooding in areas of San Diego County on January 23, 2024 in San Diego, California.Photo: Getty Images

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