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How Luck and Skill Played Roles in Bridge Collapse

Have you ever driven over a long bridge and had any thoughts, even for a moment, or imagine what it would be like If the bridge suddenly collapsed while you were on it?

It would not be surprising if more people might have something like that pop into their heads today, after the collapse of that long bridge in Baltimore.  

It was a totally unexpected and unforeseen tragedy. Bridges have collapsed in decades past for a variety of reasons, but it happens so very rarely, no one would have seen this coming.

Luck certainly played a role. It would have been a lot worse had it not happened in the overnight hours when few vehicles were on the bridge.

But thankfully, because of expertise of the those on board the ship and the port pilots, who were able to send out a “May Day” call, police were able close the bridge just in time to prevent a lot of vehicles from plunging into the cold water.

There are those rare and unexpected things that happen. Just look at the recent blow out of that non-bolted door during an Alaska Airlines flight.  Or the recent trouble United Airlines has had with the part of a plane coming off or losing a tire.  In those incidents, while luck also may have played somewhat of a role, so did the skills of the airplane pilots and crew.

But it is good that there are professional guardian angels looking out for us and who do their job well.

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(Photo Getty Images)

TOPSHOT - Part of the steel frame of the Francis Scott Key Bridge sits on top of the container ship Dali after the bridge collapsed in Baltimore, Maryland, on March 26, 2024. The bridge collapsed early March 26 after being struck by a Singapore-flagged cargo vessel.Photo: AFP via Getty Images

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