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What San Diego Sports Fans Are Thinking About One Year Later

You’ve been hearing about all the excitement in San Diego today with a sell-out crowd expected at Petco Park for the Padres home opener and the watch parties this evening for fans of the San Diego State men’s basketball team that plays in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament.

Looking back one year ago, there also was a lot of excitement.

The Padres team was filled with some of the top stars in Major League Baseball and they were picked by most experts to have a very good shot at making it to the World Series and for the first time, winning a championship for San Diego.

The Aztecs, a very good team going into the March Madness basketball tournament became an incredible team and made it to the national championship game where they were within five minutes of looking like they could beat the powerful University of Connecticut Huskies and win the title….but fell just short.

And now a year later the Aztecs are about to take on that same team and a win means advancing to the next round and another shot at winning it all this year.

As for the Padres, the 2023 season turned out to be a total disaster and a huge disappointment as the team played poorly and it was a year fans want to just forget.

But now a year later San Diego sports fans have high hopes that that the Aztecs can finally beat the team they haven’t beaten and that the Padres can finally do something they haven’t done, win a World Series.

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Photo: NCAA Photos via Getty Images

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