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Why So Many Wet and Wild Weekends in San Diego

It was another very wet and wild weekend of weather across San Diego County.

The city’s official weather reporting location, the airport downtown had more rain this weekend than it usually gets during the entire month of March. There were rainfall records in several areas around the county.

And if you get the feeling most of the storms we’ve had since the beginning of the year have been happening on weekends, you’re not wrong about that.

That’s what one of the chief meteorologist at the National Weather Service told KOGO News this weekend as this latest atmospheric river packed a punch.

Lots of outdoor events, like Sunrise church services and Easter egg hunts had to be moved inside. Sea World had to close.

In areas hard hit by that first big storm of the winter, back on January 22nd, residents were worried, but city crews since then had cleared a lot of the most clogged flood channels and San Diego Fire reported no major water rescues. 

So while this storm dumped the heaviest rain over just a few hours once again, and while there was street flooding in some areas, it wasn’t like that storm we had late in January.

But it still did literally put a damper on an Easter weekend.

As for how long these storms will keep coming, the forecasting experts can’t be absolutely positive, but they say this is all good news for future drought conditions, even if we do complain about all these wet weekends.

(Photo C.E. Albert)

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