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Cliff Notes on the News

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The News About the Wars

Every day we wake up to the latest news and almost every day that includes news about wars.

The war in Ukraine, the war in the Middle East and other smaller wars around the world.

The latest news about the air strikes by Israel killing at least seven humanitarian aid workers with the World Central Kitchen organization as they were delivering much needed food to starving people in Gaza was especially difficult news to hear.

And every day since October 7th last year, we hear the news about the hostages still held, some likely dead, by a terrorist organization.

And every day since February of 2022, we hear the news from Ukraine where Russian missiles explode into civilian areas and where entire towns have been obliterated.

As one commentator put it this week, the "tragedies of war are a terrible reminder that the world is not as it should be".

Of course, sadly, wars have been around as long as human beings have been around.  And so has evil.

The pope in Rome has repeatedly called for an end to the wars. There are Christians, Jews and Muslims everywhere who pray every day for an end to the wars.

And the news about the wars we all most want to hear is that they are over.

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RAFAH, GAZA - FEBRUARY 21: Volunteers of World Central Kitchen cook food for more than 5.000 Palestinians, in the mobile kitchens they have brought to Rafah, Gaza on February 21, 2024. Thousands of Palestinians face the threat of famine.Photo: Anadolu via Getty Images

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