America's Stonehenge Vandalized

A sacrificial stone tablet at America's Stonehenge in New Hampshire was the target of a brazen and bizarre act of vandalism over the weekend. Owner Dennis Stone reportedly discovered the damage on Sunday afternoon when he first spotted a strange wooden cross strung between two trees. He subsequently saw that someone had carved writing into the massive rock presumably using some kind of power tool. Additionally, the perpetrator had apparently knocked the stone over with a sledgehammer.

The cross found at the site was particularly perplexing and somewhat unnerving as it had pictures of a child, a man, and two sketches, one of which was the Statue of Liberty, attached to it. As for the writing on the sacrificial stone, it's difficult to discern what the letters are supposed to say, but Salem Police Deputy Chief Joel Dolan indicated that Stone "classified the markings as anti-Masonic." As if all this weren't weird enough, authorities have also suggested that the unsettling act of vandalism may have actually been a reenactment of a scene from a fictional story featuring America's Stonehenge.

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