'Phantom Lumberjack' Now Blamed for Nearly 50 Downed Trees in England

Following a brief pause wherein it appeared that their reign of terror had come to an end, a proverbial phantom lumberjack in England has resumed their strange spree and is now believed to be responsible for taking down nearly 50 trees in the dead of night. The chainsaw-wielding ne'er-do-well caused quite a stir in the county of Surrey earlier this month when they mysteriously cut down a whopping 30 trees throughout several neighboring communities. An increase in police patrols, a slew of media attention, and an attentive public on the lookout for the miscreant appeared to cause them to stop their shenanigans perhaps out of fear of being caught. However, the phantom lumberjack came roaring back this past weekend and raised their total number of victims to a staggering 48.

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