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A San Diego Man's Bike Ride To Help First Responders

San Diego Author Buzz Ponce has finished his Coast-to-Coast bike ride to benefit the Warriors Heart Foundation. Ponce left from the Oceanside Pier on May 1st and ended his ride at the pier in St. Augustine, Florida.

On the way, he stopped and talked to folks about first responders and the issues they face, from trauma to drug and alcohol addiction to PTSD, all from the incidents they work on a daily basis.

When Ponce retired, he came up with the idea to ride cross country to get to know himself.  He soon realized his ride could have a bigger purpose and he decided to make his ride benefit. After doing some research, he chose the Warriors Heart Foundation.

Ponce has raised over $10,000 to help heal veterans and first responders.

Listen to an interview with Ponce below about his cross country ride. 

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