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Colleges go back to remote learning as COVID-19 cases spike

SAN DIEGO (KOGO) - The recent spike in COVID-19 cases is not just affecting elementary and high schools, but colleges as well.

This week several community colleges made the move to fully online instruction and student services for intersession, including Southwestern College, the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District and the San Diego Community College District.

"Districtwide, traditionally, we've had mostly online courses during intersession," says Pamela Luster, Ed.D., president of San Diego Mesa College. "It's a short session and students enjoy having that four week online experience, so, for the most part, that's what we had planned to do anyway."

The move will mostly affect students seeking services on campus, as all appointments will be held virtually.

"You can find people in admissions, counseling, the library, anywhere you need services, you access it from online," said Luster.

Not long after the community colleges announced their intention to hold classes online, San Diego State University said its upcoming Spring semester would begin online. Classes will be held virtually for at least the first two weeks. Despite classes being online, the campus will remain open during that time, but the university is encouraging students to delay their return to campus if possible. SDSU hopes to resume in-person instruction by February 7th.

Other California State University schools, including Cal State San Marcos, are also reverting to remote learning.

But for Mesa College, and its sister colleges, Luster hopes they will start the upcoming Spring Semester on campus.

"We're hoping again for our reopening as of the first week of February," Luster said.

San Diego Mesa College student services building

The Student Services Building at San Diego Mesa College stands empty after classes were moved online and the campus closed amid a spike in COVID-19 cases.Photo: Eddie McCoven

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