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New Quad opens at Mesa College

SAN DIEGO (KOGO) - Students at San Diego Mesa College finally have a place to hang out between classes.

Pamela Luster, Ed.D, president of the college, says the addition of the new quad at the center of the campus is pretty exciting.

"It's our last project on our beautiful Props S and N that we've had," said Luster. "We've built out all these beautiful buildings and now in the middle of the quad area now students can sit, be out in the sun."

Some of the old science classrooms were demolished to make way for the new gathering spot which features an amphitheater and plenty of green space which also features native plants.

"I imagine you'll see a few classes out there," Luster said. "It would be a pretty great place to write a little poetry, maybe do a speech or two."

The college will host events in the space, including Welcome Week, job fairs and pep rallies. The space is adjacent to some other older classrooms which have been repurposed to house some student services, including the Veterans Center.

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