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Water Contaminated on Aircraft Carriers

SAN DIEGO - Sailors aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln are raising concerns about the ship's water supply.

“The water, it had an awful smell,” and active-duty sailor, who wanted to remain anonymous, told reporting partner 10 News. “It smelled straight like gas. JP-5 smells exactly like gasoline.",

JP-5 is jet fuel used on the aircraft aboard the ship.

Sailors said they got sick from drinking the water on the ship. Images provided to 10 News shows the water appeared to be brown with oil spots.

Dirty Water USS Abraham Lincoln

In this undated photo submitted to reporting partner 10 News, a container holds water for the USS Abraham Lincoln's potable water supply.Photo: KGTV

The Navy confirmed back in September that E. coli was found in the ship's potable water supply and that the water had an “odor and cloudiness,” but said it's not known if there were traces of jet fuel in the ship's drinking water.

The Lincoln is at least the second Navy ship to have problems with its drinking water. The USS Nimitz, based out of Washington, had to dock in Coronado back in September after it was discovered that the drinking water had become contaminated with jet fuel. In that incident, 11 sailors got sick after drinking that contaminated water.

Here's more from reporting partner 10 News:

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