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Asylum Seekers Now Required to use Mobile App

Starting Thursday, those seeking asylum will have to use a smartphone app to get their claims started

The CBP One app will allow migrants to schedule appointments with Customs and Border Protection agents for Title 42 exemptions. Previously, the agency relied on the help of non-profits to select migrants who may still qualify for protection, despite the enforcement of the health policy which has been used to deny migrants entry to the U.S.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas says the app could help reduce the number of unannounced arrivals at ports of entry and illegal border crossings in between the ports. The agency estimates the app could save agents an average of 15 minutes in processing asylum claims.

But as the San Diego Union-Tribune reports, asylum advocates have criticized the move over privacy concerns, saying scammers could take advantage of the would-be asylum seekers.

The app can be used for select ports of entry in California, Arizona and Texas.


Venezuelan and Nicaraguan migrants are transferred by agents of the Border Patrol after crossing the Rio Grande river from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state, Mexico to El Paso, Texas, US to ask for political asylum on December 27, 2022. - The US government's two-year-old policy of invoking Covid-19 precautions to turn away hundreds of thousands of migrants at the Mexican border will remain in place for now, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. The decision to uphold the controversial rule known as Title 42 stemmed off a looming political crisis for President Joe Biden, as thousands waited at the southern border in expectation the policy was about to end. (Photo by Herika Martinez / AFP) (Photo by HERIKA MARTINEZ/AFP via Getty Images)Photo: Getty Images

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