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Annual Report Says Crime is Down in San Diego

Overall crime in the City of San Diego was down during 2023 according to an annual report on crime from local law enforcement.

The report by the San Diego Police Department, covered the 12-month period from January through December of last year. And compared to 2022, crime in the city decreased 2.7% in more than half the monitored categories.

The report includes domestic violence, gang and hate crimes statistics as well as crimes against persons, property, and society. This reflects a national shift to a more detailed method of data collection about crimes.

The annual report says crimes against persons in San Diego remained relatively the same compared to last year. Crimes involving property have also remained relatively low, with decreases in all types, except for vehicle thefts.

While an increase in overall crimes against society is shown, most crime sections, such as prostitution and weapon law violations, show a decrease compared to 2022.   

(Photo reporting partner 10News)

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